You Can View Six Buildings

In One Afternoon

The Friday Tour of Buildings is a quick and easy way to preview several office buildings in a couple of hours without any pressure or hassle.

The Friday Tour of Buildings is a great way to get an overview of what office buildings and features are available in your price range.

Here’s how it works: Each Friday, we conduct one or two tours of six office buildings each. The tours run between 1:00 and 3:15 pm, and you can meet us at any building on either tour. Feel free to drive by the building before their scheduled tour times, but once the tour starts, don’t be late for the one (s) you want to preview. There will be lots of other tenants on the tour, and show times are exact.

Our Friday Tour is Very Different

Than a Traditional Building Showing

Traditional building showings are sometimes uncomfortable for both tenants and the landlord’s leasing agent because you’ve often got a hovering agent watching your every move.

Our well-organized and efficient Friday Tours are much more convenient and productive for tenants. We found that most tenants can determine within a very short time-frame whether or not they’re interested in a building they’ve previewed.  Building feature sheets, pictures, and floor plans will be available at the tour.

If you see a building on the tour that you’re interested in, a second private showing can easily be scheduled for you (often later in the same day). See you this Friday!