The outsourcing of lease administration is a proven method of saving money on non strategic functions allowing management to focus on core business activity.

We can provide you the specialized expertise of managing your portfolio in order that in house support services can be redeployed. By outsourcing this function, companies retain experts in the field and reduce the Human Resources cost of sourcing, training and retaining qualified personnel.

Our administration services include lease abstracting, desktop audits, tracking critical dates, and  producing management reports . We create the database that supports our client’s business strategies.

Database Management

Cloud based, password protected centralized lease information is essential to mitigating risk and can be used as an effective tool  for strategic planning.

Our lease administration experts have developed state-of-the-art technology and procedures to ensure that you have accurate, current lease information whenever you need it.

Lease Abstraction

A lease abstract is a summary of the key financial, business and legal information that exists in a commercial real estate lease.

We create a report of  your lease that extracts all the important information so that you can have it at your fingertips. Together with our client we develop a checklist of items to include in the abstraction of lease data.

Critical Date Tracking

Critical date email reminders will be sent automatically by our computer at designated  times to provide advance notice of upcoming lease expirations, renewal options, termination dates,  and expense audits.

Custom Reporting

Standard and customized reports can be generated in an excel or pdf format based any of the criteria in the lease abstract.

The reports are automatically emailed by the computer software to our clients based on a predetermined scheduled or needs of the client(daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi annual, annually, a specific date)

Corporate Lease Policy

Corporate Lease Policy involves setting up a checklist of lease document items that are important to our clients to insure uniformity in your lease documents for one location or across your portfolio of locations.

Suggested Lease Changes

In collaboration with your legal team, we will go through your lease document and point out improvements and what we would do differently.

We will try to implement the legal team’s suggested changes on a new lease or your current lease at lease expiration.