Professional Customized Market Analysis

To include tenant representation transactions completed in your market area. We know what’s for sale or lease in the market, who’s buying or leasing, and what’s happening. We know the tenants ,  their expiration dates, current square feet, why they signed in their present location, the kind of deal they got and the deal they are looking for, we have tenant databases – every office, industrial, and retail tenant in every building in your market area. We know the property owners -how they negotiate their deals – who needs to lease or sell. We know the competitive properties- their special features or amenities and new projects that are coming on line. We have the market intelligence that you need.

Cold Canvass

As your real estate agent we can make daily cold calls in your market area by phone or by face to face solicitation  to drop off  flyers for your specific property and give you a weekly  written reports online of the number calls made or flyers delivered.

Photography Service

We shoot photos of your property and post to the website that we create for your building

Commercial Databases

Photos and property information are uploaded to all commercial databases: Xceligent, CoStar, and Loopnet. Many agents only post to one database and that cost you money because commercial agents subscribe to different databases and may not view your property if posted in only one database.

Weekly Listing On Craigs List

Craigs List is a popular site in Dallas/Fort Worth where products and services are sold and traded. As an added marketing venue we will post your property each week to expose your property to thousands of visitors.

Professionally Designed Flyer

Our Marketing Team will create a custom feature sheet highlighting the special features of your property.

Virtual Tour

Video of exterior, interiors, common areas, and amenities posted to the web.


We obtain a domain name (usually your building’s name or street address), hosting service,  and create a website highlighting only your property that contains all property information, flyers, amenities, and building floor plans. Most brokers put your property on a website that contains multiple buildings and tenants will compare prices and the buildings and possibly eliminate your building.  We set ourselves apart from other brokers by creating a website that only contains information on your one building so that tenants only receive information on your building.

Unmatched Direct Mail Campaign

1000 direct mail cards to tenants in your market each month that puts your property information in front of decision makers on a systematic basis.  Most brokers target only brokers, we direct mail tenants and follow up by phone.

Broker Email Blasts

Bi-monthly email blast delivered to 2000 commercial agents and brokers.

Phone Solicitation

Phone solicitation each week specifically for your property with results posted on line so that you can monitor activity.  We focus on your property on a daily basis.  

We have a web based telemarketing system that any person assigned to make calls for your property can generate lead after lead. No other broker provides this type of service for you.

Talking Building Information System

A Marketing Specialist will write and record a short description of your property to entice tenants to inquire with us for more information about your property.  This is not your average pre-recorded system. The system tracks all incoming inquiries, records all phone numbers and name of the person calling, and instantly emails me and calls my cell phone to let me know that a prospect has inquired about your property.

Friday Tour of Buildings

The Friday Tour of Buildings is a quick and easy way to preview several office buildings in a couple of hours without any pressure or hassle. The Friday Tour of Buildings is a great way to get an overview of what office buildings and features are available in Tenant’s price range.

Feedback and Tenant Tracking On Line

All tenants who have made inquiry or toured the property, and status of any tenant transaction are listed on a password protected website that you can access 24/7.

Feedback from Tenant Representative

We submit an electronic request by email to all tenant rep agents who showed the property to gather their feedback.. That information is posted on your password protected website and provides you  the raw, non-sugar coated feedback so that you’ll know what tenants are REALLY thinking.  This is extremely valuable if you wish to get feedback from every showing.

Telephone Consultation

Your Listing Agent will call you every 2 weeks to discuss Market Activity and Positioning Strategies.

Expert Lease Negotiations


100% Risk Free Cancellation Guarantee

We are so confident that you will feel good about your decision to hire Dalmont Cantwell Partners that we’ll GUARANTEE our performance in writing. If at any time you wish to cancel your listing or transfer to another agency you have the right to do so. ** See Listing Agreement.  We want you to know that you have made a SMART move in choosing us and we’re willing to take on all the risk so you don’t have to!

Professional Signage



We will solve your biggest problem, finding tenants / buyers for you property through our aggressive marketing and team approach. The biggest problem a broker faces is that when he finds a potential deal to work, he has stop prospecting because of the time it takes to thoroughly work a deal. We solve this problem because when we find a deal for you, because of our team approach, one person works the deal, and one person  keeps the prospecting system going by doing the direct mail and insuring that cold calls are made for your property. You have no one phoning or knocking doors for you.  We do not just hope and pray that someone will call our sign, we take a proactive approach to marketing through our direct mail, websites, and proactive solicitation.

Our 22 Points of Marketing

Are Normally More than Enough to Lease ANY Property FAST and for MORE MONEY, You May Feel That You Need Additional Selling Advantages.

Our SMARTER TENANT LEASE SYSTEM allows You to Enjoy the Flexibility to Select Only the Services that You Feel that You Need and to Pay Only for Those Specific Services, rather than Overpay for Services, that You Feel are Unnecessary.

The biggest reason properties don’t lease is a lack of daily focus on the property by the agent.