Tenant Representation

We represent your real estate interests as if they were our own and we have all the resources you need to make profitable decisions. After analyzing your goals, along with present and future space requirements, we thoroughly research the market to fill your need.

  • We provide a computerized print out of facilities with cost comparisons essential to a sound decision. If a client’s current landlord can meet his needs, the lease is evaluated and revised if needed. If a move is indicated, a timetable is established and we can handle any or all the steps from finding new space and negotiating the lease, to planning the design and layout of the office, to handling the move.
  • We use a team approach which utilizes a facility specialist, an office design specialist, a real estate attorney, a research expert, and a construction expert. Once a course of action has been determined, we represent the client’s best interest in negotiating a favorable transaction. We have a track record and our service assures that our clients make the best and most profitable real estate decision.

Selecting Dalmont Cantwell
as your real adviser provides you:

A Corporate Viewpoint

  • We understand the need to control costs and the need for flexibility to expand, contract, and terminate leases.

Analytical Approach

  • Our team members are skilled in the use of the latest computer real estate valuation models.


  • Our associates are kept abreast of the latest research tools through the efforts of our Research Director.

Our Missionnegotiate 01

We are committed to protecting the Tenant’s interest by helping them avoid the biggest mistake that commercial tenants make….. overpaying

What does it cost to engage a tenant representative to assist in real estate decisions for Dallas office space? In short: nothing.  Commission rates are set in the landlords proforma for real estate transactions with their listing broker, with or without tenant representation. Because the tenant representative receives compensation for their services through the commission paid by a landlord, there’s no additional cost to the tenant to hire an exclusive tenant representative. All final decisions are made  by the tenant and we  perform the transaction work which allows the tenant to focus on their core business.