Concept to Occupancy Process

Dalmont Cantwell Partners has fine tuned its Lease Transaction Process program to include an exhaustive market analysis and a proven methodology including proposals from multiple landlords and a series of three (3) to six (6) counter proposals to drive the economics of each transaction in our client’s favor. The in-depth analysis includes the following:

Needs Analysis
needs analysis

  • Thorough analysis of the current lease.
  • In-depth analysis of client’s needs, requirements, strategies and goals.
  • Comprehensive research of all economic incentives offered at all levels.
  • Space Programming and Architectural Planning Services.

Market Study

  • Geographic boundaries and targeted areas defined
  • Economic incentive analysis of each area
  • Thorough survey of all buildings within the defined geographic boundary
  • Custom reporting of building information with digital pictures of each building
  • Complete mapping of the geographic area and all properties included in the Market Study

Proposal Process

  • Drafting of the Request for Proposal
  • Finalize space programming
  • Coordinate tour of selected buildings
  • Analyze and evaluate the first round proposals
  • Narrow the number of buildings through economic analysis
  • Request second round proposals from remaining buildings
  • Narrow potential buildings to final two or three and request best and final proposal

Lease Process

  • Prepare Summary of Terms for selected building
  • Review lease draft and confirm all business points
  • Provide complete lease review section by section
  • Assist in the negotiations of legal points in the lease

Reporting Process

  • Project Initiation
  • Market Study
  • Request for Proposal
  • First Round Proposal
  • Second Round Proposal
  • Best and Final Proposal